Seafood is enjoyed all over the world, with different countries adding their own cultural touches to make dishes their own. In addition to being extremely tasty, fish has many health benefits. It contains essential nutrients required in the body. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for the development of the brain. Fish is also rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. There are many restaurants offering fish delicacy. Choosing a good fish restaurant can thus prove to be a daunting task. One needs to consider some factors while selecting a fish restaurant.

Fresh Water Fish or Sea Fish

There are some differences between fresh water fish and sea fish including taste and texture. Familiarize yourself with the differences as it will help you select a suitable restaurant. Do your freshwater fish like Tilapia? Do you want sea water fish like Shrimps and Crabs? Some restaurants offer only sea fish while some provide freshwater fish. Some offer both.

Proximity to Source

The location of a fish restaurant can help you gauge whether it offers good fish or not. Restaurants located near the water, naturally, would likely use fresher, tastier ingredients. A fish restaurant located far away from the water may be less fresh and may use fish that is imported or that has been preserved using a number of different methods or techniques. There is a possibility of getting stale fish in a restaurant situated far away from the sea.


A restaurant offering a variety of fish delicacies allows visitors to try out different menus.