On the banks of the Ettrick River, you’ll find our little smokehouse.

It’s here, in small purpose built kilns, we lovingly produce the finest salmon and sea trout you’ll ever taste.

Wild caught fish are collected by us from the riverbank and within hours of being landed, are in the hands of smoker Mike Roberts. Using three generations of handed down knowhow, Mike cures the fish with herbs, sugars and salts - and gently smokes it until it reaches perfection.

The result is a silkiness, a consistency and a depth of flavour we believe is unsurpassed. Try it for yourself; you’ll never look at smoked salmon the same way again.

I thought I liked smoked salmon. Then I realised I’d never really tasted it before. Not until I visited the Ettrick Valley Smokehouse. This is a revelation.”
NICK  HAMMOND, writer and journalist.