Fish is an excellent source of vitamins, oils, and other useful nutrition supplements. Over the course of history, new fish recipes have been developed to make the delicacies tastier and make lovers of fish food fall even more in love with them.

The Tuscan Grilled Trout

This delicacy is prepared by deep frying the fish in oil mixed with garlic and herbs. Wine vinegar is added to act as a sauce and basting liquid. The skin of the trout keeps the inside meat tender and gives it an enticing golden-brown texture.

Popcorn-crusted Fish Fingers

Fish fingers are a delight across the world. Now add a little touch of crunchy popcorns, and you have yourself a mouth-watering meal like no other. To make it, mix the fish fingers in popcorn and breadcrumbs and then bake or deep fry the mixture.

Thai Steamed Fish

If you are keen on having a healthy, tasty fish meal, then this is the right dish for you. It is prepared using a little sesame oil and assorted flavors to give it a sweet, sour taste.

Chettinad Fish Fry

This recipe by Chef Aditya Bal is one for the spice lovers. It is prepared using the surmai or kingfish. The fish is marinated in spicy flavors and then deep fried in hot oil to give it a crispy touch. It is one of the most aromatic cuisines in India.

Fish Curry Without oil

If you wish to indulge yourself in a sumptuous fish delicacy without a drop of oil, then this recipe by Joey Matthew is what you need. To prepare this fish use tamarind juice, tomatoes, onions, chilies, and coconut.

Give these dishes a try, and you will have yourself some of the most delicious fish foods ever. A glass of wine is an excellent accompaniment to any fish delicacy. Enjoy.