Great Britain, as many of you know, is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. The ideal location makes it an ideal place for fresh seafood. If you enjoy seafood and are looking for some of the best in Britain, here are some places to check out:

The Company Shed

Located in West Mersey in Essex, The Company Shed offers delicious, fresh seafood. Great British Food blog lists it as the top seafood restaurant for Shrimp, Crab, Plump, and Oysters. The family-run join also offers wine and beer.

The Boathouse

The Boathouse has a rich menu of fresh seafood. From oysters, lobsters to halibut. The Olive magazine describes its location as the most stunning off the West Coast of Scotland.

Rocksalt Restaurant and Bar

It has a perfect view of the English Channel. It offers monkfish, smoked salmon, coley brandade and mussel. British Finest lists it as one of the best fresh seafood restaurants in England with a rating of 4/5.

Kingfisher Fish and Chips

The restaurant is famous for Cornish Sardine fishcakes, lobster, and herrings. According to Great British Food blog, Kingfisher Fish and Chips scooped the best takeaway in National Fish and Chip Award, 2017.

Mourne Seafood

This restaurant is at the foot of Mourne Mountains. It serves shelled crab, oysters, Dover sole, and mussels. The CN Traveller lists it among the top five seafood restaurant on the United Kingdom coast.


This classic gem is one of the oldest seafood restaurant and is known for creamy signature fish pies. Esquire lifestyle magazine dated its establishment back in 1896.

In summary, you need to consider some factors while choosing an excellent fresh seafood palace. You need to look at the location. Joints at the beach are always better. One should also look at the menu. A vibrant list will provide you with a variety. Besides, you need to check and compare prices.